Doodle Fit

While it may be a stretch to classify this as a geometry app, I do think it’s earned a place in an educational setting.  The objective is deceivingly simple – fit the provided shapes of blocks into the master shape.  But even I found this app quite challenging!  I kept wanting to turn each piece to make it fit.  Luckily, however, that option does not exist.

It’s hard to customize a puzzle app too much.  But the developers do allow you to select a theme, choosing from: Winter, Old paper, Red leather, Valentine’s Day, Nature, Sci-fi, Notebook, or Chalkboard.  The music varies with the themes, but can also be muted.

Although this app is quite challenging, there is the option to receive hints.  One hint is earned each time you complete two levels.  More complicated levels are unlocked as simpler ones are completed.  Levels are sorted into ‘Packs’.  The next Pack is unlocked when all levels in the previous Pack are completed.

Students who appreciate challenging (yet addictive) puzzle apps will find this app engaging and fun!  You may want to try the free ‘Lite’ version before committing to the paid version.

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