Is it possible to cure depression with antidepressants?

Our psyche often uses depression to attract our attention and point out to us that somewhere in the depths of us there hides lie.

James Hollis


The dark horse of 21st century. What is the danger of depression?

We are all familiar with sadness and grief, we experience negative emotions for various reasons or even with no reasons, when we «wake up on the wrong side of the bed». Sometimes we even feel depressed. But depression is more than just feelings.

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Depression can be characterized as a mood disorder in other words a complex of mental disorders connected first of all with the emotional sphere. This disorder is marked by various emotional disturbances in which people experience anguish, anxiety, guilt, anhedonia, that is the loss of the ability to experience pleasure; or apathy – a state where a person does not experience either negative or positive emotions. More than that, depression is characterized by certain thought disorders. For example, people with depression find it difficult to concentrate, to perform purposeful mental functioning, which is connected with concentration of attention. In a depressed state people have troubles with making decisions. They have gloomy thoughts about themselves, about the world around them, about people.

Depression has such physiological phenomena as sleep disorders, intestinal functions, sexual needs. Patients with depression lose their energy tone and feel fatigue. In some cases, patients may experience unpleasant feelings in their body. If one looks at such a person and his behavior one can see passivity, avoiding contact with people or refusal of entertainment. Depression is often accompanied by an increasing alcohol abuse or other psychoactive substances that are used to better mood.

While talking about this common illness, there is a need to describe the risk factors for the depression:

  • Age from 20 to 40 years;
  • Changes in social status;
  • Divorces, breakups with a loved one;
  • Existence of acts of suicide in previous generations;
  • Loss of close relatives to the age of eleven;
  • Predominance of anxiety, diligence and responsibility in personal qualities of features;
  • Long-acting stressors;
  • Homosexual orientation;
  • Problems in the sexual sphere;
  • The postpartum period, especially among single mothers.

So, we cannot fail to see that a large number of people is at risk of getting depressed. But is it possible to cure depression and how can we do this?

This is one of the most frequent and very first questions of depressive stories. Let’s try to answer. The answer is the following: you can be cured of depression, it is obvious, depression can be overcome, to be more exact.

If you understand that you’ve got one of these signs of depression, you must consult your doctor immediately, because this disease is difficult or almost impossible to cure in its severe form. After you get checked your doctor diagnoses you and gives prescription of necessary medicines.

Is it necessary to have a prescription? Dosage, daily regimen of medication is prescribed by a doctor, it is kind of self-explanatory. Only a qualified specialist will be able to assess the true state of your psyche and calculate and dose the drugs accurately. Taking drugs in a right way is one of the components of success in the fight against depression.

But in most cases patients seem to have only a mild form of a disease. If such is the case the doctor will prescribe light antidepressants of a new generation. What is special about them? The mild form of depression can be “corrected” with the help of drugs that are not asked for prescription in the pharmacies. As a rule, antidepressants of the new generation do not do harm to the body as drugs produced in the last century. Modern “over-the-counter” antidepressants radically differ from the drugs of the older generation. Let us get a view of advantages of modern antidepressants:

  • go without prescription;
  • faster effects in human and faster mood improve;
  • fewer side effects;
  • the possibility of simultaneous reception with many other medicines;
  • no significant drug self-tapering.


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In spite of the fact that there are many meds and methods of treating depression, we must keep in mind that the best way to combat depression is to prevent it. People who have a favorite job, family and who live a full life suffer from depression very rarely. Even if there are stressful situations, they are not able to affect psycho-emotional well-being of such people. A healthy lifestyle, a variety of leisure activities, interesting friends and hobbies, playing sports – that’s the solution to all human misfortunes.


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