This simple app turns your device into a chalkboard.  It’s kind of nostalgic for those of us who miss the days of chalkboards in the classroom.

Users have a choice of 3 chalk thicknesses in 6 different colors.  To erase, choose the tool or simply shake the device.

Work can be saved to the photos folder or emailed out.

Overall, this app is way too simple to be a paid one.  Yes it gives students one more way to do work; I envision this being useful during math class.  However, there are other apps out there (such as Screen Chomp) that do more for less.    Download it if you find it for free one day or if money is no object.  Otherwise, skip it.


This app is actually a pretty cool and interesting game.  Students use one or more gears to ‘power’ a blue gear already on the screen.  With 200 levels, it obviously gets more difficult as the game progresses.  Visual-spatial learners will especially enjoy this app.

While it’s a worthwhile app to have installed, skip it if the price tag seems too steep for your needs.

This is another option for a decent dictionary app for the iPod Touches and/or iPads in your classroom.  I still encourage teachers to keep ‘real’ dictionaries (at the appropriate level) in classrooms, but students should also have access to the electronic kind – it’s part of their future (like it or not).

While I prefer the dictionary app by Merriam-Webster, others may like this app better.

Students can search for a word by entering text or using the ‘voice search’ option.  I love this option because if kids are using an app like this in the first place, chances are they do not know how to spell the word.  Search results include all meanings of the word and what type of word it is (adverb, noun, pronoun, etc.).  Synonyms also appear along the right side of the app or users can hit the synonyms button to see them in isolation.

The user has the ability to store favorite words and see recent words that have been looked up.  In addition, the main page of the app features a ‘Word of the Day’ in English and Spanish.