There are two ways to obtain e-books for your mobile devices.

1. Download a ‘book reader’ app; the most well-known are Apple’s iBooks, Amazon’s Kindle, and Barnes and Noble’s Nook and Nook Kids.  Then access their ‘store’ through the app to purchase and download titles.  Remember to also search for free titles.  I’ve also included the links to the Kindle Store and Nook Book Store below so you can search for titles now.

Kindle Store (Amazon)

Nook Book Store (Barnes and Noble)

2. Various developers have turned children’s books into an app.  These types of books are available directly from the App Store.  Here are some ‘books in the form of an app’ that I have explored.  Click the title to open the app in the App Store.

Dr. Seuss Books

iReading HD

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