Fetch It! Spanish

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 12.57.39 PMStudents can join Domino the dog on an adventure to find objects in his world.  The name of an object is given in Spanish and it appears on the screen.  Students then move the mobile device from side to side in order to give Domino plenty of room to run.  They are supposed to tap on the name of the object when they find it.  For example, when “manzana” is said and seen on the screen, navigate Domino close to the apple and tap it.

The following words are included in the word pack that comes with the free version of this app: manzana, bebe, bolsa, platano, baloncesto, cama, bicicleta, pajaro, barco, libro, puente, hamburguesa, bus, coche, castillo, CD, silla, payaso, despensa, perro, huevo, elefante, borrador, pez, guitarra, hamster, sombrero, hipopotamo, caballo, casa, jeans, leche, mono, raton, naranja, telefono, piano, pizza, avion, conejo, camisa, falda, sofa, arana, camiseta, mesa, oso de peluche, tren, TV, and agua.

Students can access a picture dictionary if they do not know all of the Spanish words.  Although the app is free, use the in-app purchase option to get two additional word packs.

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