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Doodle Fit

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While it may be a stretch to classify this as a geometry app, I do think it’s earned a place in an educational setting.  The objective is deceivingly simple – fit the provided shapes of blocks into the master shape.  But even I found this app quite challenging!  I kept wanting to turn each piece to make it fit.  Luckily, however, that option does not exist.

It’s hard to customize a puzzle app too much.  But the developers do allow you to select a theme, choosing from: Winter, Old paper, Red leather, Valentine’s Day, Nature, Sci-fi, Notebook, or Chalkboard.  The music varies with the themes, but can also be muted.

Although this app is quite challenging, there is the option to receive hints.  One hint is earned each time you complete two levels.  More complicated levels are unlocked as simpler ones are completed.  Levels are sorted into ‘Packs’.  The next Pack is unlocked when all levels in the previous Pack are completed.

Students who appreciate challenging (yet addictive) puzzle apps will find this app engaging and fun!  You may want to try the free ‘Lite’ version before committing to the paid version.

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The Oregon Trail: American Settler

What do you do when your child completes the journey found in the original Oregon Trail app?  Well, you obtain this free sequel!  No worries though, a tutorial is included for those that have yet to conquer the original Oregon Trail app.

The familiar family has settled on their new land on the wild frontier.  Students continue to go through the processes of harvesting crops and working on the farm.  Task completion earns money, lumber and other benefits, but each also spends precious energy.  The possibility of coming across medical ailments – such as dysentery (or Montezuma’s Revenge – yuck!) – still exists in this version!  Steer clear of the option for users to send their friends telegrams – it links to outside sites such as Facebook.

Unfortunately, this app will never be known for its educational value, despite the occasional encounters with various historical figures.  But, it is a great choice to have on mobile devices that children will have access to.  They can literally spend hours creating and personalizing their own frontier villages.  Creative minds and those with long attention spans will certainly find this to be one of their favorite apps.

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Although technically just a ‘game’, I believe Yahtzee definitely has a place in the classroom.  As a gifted program teacher, I often present my students with decision-making opportunities.  This game, one that many of us know from childhood, does just that.  On each turn, students have to decide what option to “go for”.  I found that many of them have never played Yahtzee before.  Therefore, I had to write each choice on the board and explain what each meant – especially the small and large straights and full house.

When possible, I allow students to play against each other rather than playing against the ‘computer’.  This is one of the more pricier apps I’ll recommend, but it’s definitely worth having it available for kids to use.

The major difference between this app and the actual board game is that the ‘computer’ keeps score for the players!  Also, there are no dice to lose!  :)

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Custom Spinner

Reflecting upon my career, I can remember several times where I’ve decided not to play an educational game with my students because I didn’t have the appropriate spinner needed.

This awesome app solves that problem!

It comes with the following preset spinners: boy/girl, yes/no, foods, numbers, and colors.  But the best part is that it comes with an option to customize the spinner too!  You can choose from 2 – 10 segments and label each one.

This app is well worth the price and will certainly come in handy if you have your students participate in game-like activities.

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This is one of the pricier apps I’ll feature, but it’s worth every penny you’ll spend.  Those of you familiar with the visual perception game SET will be able to comprehend this app immediately.  Others can visit for an overview.

Users can choose between the basic and advanced decks.  Basic uses 3 features (color, symbol, number) and Advanced adds a fourth feature – interior shading.  MANY more customization features are included – from the color scheme to displaying the reason an identified set was incorrect.

In a classroom, you’ll most likely have a small group of students play SET.  However, this app also comes with six solitaire game modes – Classic, Sprint, Marathon, Puzzle, Arcade, and Rediscovery.  Individual students are free to explore each of these modes.

An interactive tutorial is also included.

A quick Internet search revealed the traditional card version of SET currently sells for $9.67 – more than the price of the app.  But in my opinion, the app version is MUCH better!  SET – in either form – is a must have for classrooms that promote critical thinking.

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Sure this app is one of the more expensive ones I’ll recommend, but it’s definitely worth the price tag!  The app version of Scrabble comes with many choices for customization.  Students can play against the computer or choose to play a solo game.  They also may choose to play with up to 3 more classmates.

Other options include ‘Pass and Play’ and ‘Party Play’.  For those who do not also have access to iPod Touches, the ‘Pass and Play’ option is quite adequate.  Students literally pass the iPad to the next person once they’ve made a word.  In ‘Party Play’, students can use an iPod Touch to display their tile rack!  It’s so cool!  They ‘slide’ needed letters from the iPod to the iPad.  The tile rack is a free app only available for the iPod.

A dictionary is built into the app so students can look up words before making them.  Of course the app keeps score as words are being made.

Overall, this app is costly but highly recommended!

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This app is actually a pretty cool and interesting game.  Students use one or more gears to ‘power’ a blue gear already on the screen.  With 200 levels, it obviously gets more difficult as the game progresses.  Visual-spatial learners will especially enjoy this app.

While it’s a worthwhile app to have installed, skip it if the price tag seems too steep for your needs.

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Pebble Jump

This challenging game is a cross between checkers and peg solitaire.  The object is to clear the board by jumping over the pieces.  In order to do so, the last jump must land in the home space.

The app gives the option to receive hints, to reset the game board, and to undo a move.  All of these options will definitely come in handy!

The higher levels (medium and hard) are unlocked after the easy puzzles (40 in all) are completed.  This app will make a great addition to devices where students enjoy logic games.

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