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Easy Portfolio

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 4.10.51 PMDigital portfolios are still a fairly new concept in K – 12 education.  But apps like this make it easy to bring this new technology into classrooms at all grade levels.

After creating a new portfolio, it takes just a couple of taps to add records.  The records can be in the form of videos, images, audio files, notes, URLs, and documents.  The app easily retrieves records from DropBox or from the iPad itself.

Individual records or even the entire portfolio can be exported via DropBox or Google Drive.  The app links to tutorial videos and blog posts that help navigate the process of creating and maintaining portfolios.

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Complete the Words

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 11.46.07 AMThis app provides young learners with an opportunity to match print words with both oral and visual versions.  It is divided into 3 activities: Shapes, Letters, and Words.

Shape Matching – The objective is to drag the colored object from the bottom of the screen to its card that contains the word and a black-and-white image of the same object.  The name of the object is stated each time you tap it in order to drag it to its correct spot.  Although the name of this activity is “Shape Matching” and traditional shapes (star, hexagon, triangle, circle) are shown above the title for it, students are actually matching objects, not shapes.  Sample objects include a fence, letter, and bicycle.

Letter Matching – Students need to drag the missing letter from the bottom of the screen to its card that contains the rest of the letters and a color image of the object.  Unfortunately, when each letter is tapped the app says the name of the object it’s supposed to be dragged to, instead of stating the letter or the sound the letter makes.

Word Matching – This activity requires students to drag the word to its card that contains dashes to represent letters and a colored image of the object.  Like in ‘Letter Matching’ each word is read when it is tapped.  From there, students have to simply drag it to the card that contains the picture of the stated object.

Verbal feedback (such as, “Great”) is given in all 3 activities for correct answers.

‘Smudge Mark’ is the name of the reports section where you can access the total number of correct and incorrect responses.  The data can easily be cleared.  Note that it only stores information for one user.

At this price point, I expect this app to do much more.  Specifically, I wish it had the ability to make the 3 activities more challenging.  For example, it would be beneficial if the black-and-white images of the objects in ‘Shapes Matching’ could be removed.  Then students would be required to match the picture of a cup with the word that says “cup”, rather than simply matching the colored cup to its black-and-white version.  Sure you can mute the mobile device in order to make the app more challenging, but these types of options should also be built into the Settings menu.

Currently the only two options in Settings is ‘Use only CVC words’ and ‘Use Open Dyslexic font’.  I am not familiar with Open Dyslexic font, but I didn’t notice a discernible difference after enabling it.

A lite (free) version of the app is also available.

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Number Link Pro

Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 12.20.33 PMThis app strengthens students visual-spatial skills.  It’s more like a puzzle than a game.  The concept is deceptively simple – connect pairs of numbers (by creating a path) without leaving any empty spaces on the game board and without crossing over an existing path.  The board starts out with 5 rows of 5 and gradually increases in complexity to a 16 x 16 board.

It connects to Apple’s Game Center, but you do not have to choose this option to play.  There is a free version, but of course it comes with ads.  In-app purchases provide more hints and open up new levels.

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Hands-On Equations 1

Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 8.13.43 AM‘Hands-On Equations’ is actually an off-line program that simplifies the process of learning and mastering algebraic concepts.  It is both visual and kinesthetic in nature.

The iPad version presents six lessons.  Each consists of a video introduction followed by two practice problems and ten exercises.  The practice problems and exercises remain locked until students complete each preceding one.  Feedback (correct/incorrect) is given after each problem.  Students are required to redo incorrect problems.

Although I do not have experience with the off-line program, I am impressed with the iPad version.  Use it to introduce algebra to mid-elementary students or to practice algebra with older students.

You can also try the free Lite version before committing to the full version.  It allows students full access to the first 3 lessons!

Level 2 and Level 3 of the paid version are also available.

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iPicEd for iPad

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 9.34.13 PMEditing and enhancing photographs taken on or imported onto an iPad is quite simple with this app!  After selecting a photograph from the Camera Roll, basic tools appear across the top of the screen and more complex functions and tools (the app refers to this section as the ‘Filter Menu’) appear down the side.

Basic Tools and Menus – Undo, Redo, Reset, Select Area, Save to Clipboard, Properties, Save, Upload (to email, Twitter, Picasa, or Facebook), Settings, Help

Filter Menu Categories

  1. Adjust
    1. RGB (red, green, blue) balance
    2. Contrast Brightness
    3. Gamma
  2. Colorize
    1. Saturation
    2. Equalize
    3. Normalize
    4. Solarize
    5. Tritone
    6. Tint Blue
    7. Tint Red
    8. Tint Green
    9. Color Splash
  3. Effects
    1. Pencil
    2. Erode
    3. Dilate
    4. Emboss
    5. Soften
    6. Jitter
    7. Posterize
    8. Oil Paint
    9. Sharpen
    10. Sepia
    11. Negative
    12. Gray scale
    13. Night Vision
    14. Pinhole
  4. Deform 
    1. Twirl
    2. Cylinder
    3. Pinch
    4. Punch
    5. Tile
    6. Square
  5. Frames
    1. Anniversary
    2. Friends
    3. Music
    4. Nature
    5. Photos
    6. Sleek
    7. Thinking of You
    8. Zebra
    9. Easter Eggs
    10. Decent
    11. Hearts
    12. Birds
  6. Overlays
    1. Balloons
    2. Birds
    3. Drops
    4. Cracks
    5. Flowers
    6. Insects
    7. Nature
    8. Moon
    9. Splash
    10. Crush
    11. Vintage
  7. Operations
    1. Rotate Left
    2. Rotate Right
    3. Mirror Vertically
    4. Mirror Horizontally
    5. Crop
  8. Text (With the ability to change the back color, font color, and font style.)
  9. Border
    1. Cinema Vertically
    2. Cinema Horizontally
    3. Rounded
    4. Invert
    5. Simple
    6. Strip

Preview the app by downloading the free ‘lite’ version first!  It includes the options in bold above.  It does not come with the ability to add text.  Also, ads run across the bottom.

A Christmas edition also exists!

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Draw It Easy

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 12.15.13 PMThere are several drawing apps available for students.  This one has a place in the market because it features 36 objects to draw that are simultaneously unique, yet familiar – such as a strawberry, hot dog, and a piece of cake!

After selecting an object, the student can turn ‘Trace Mode’ on or off.  When on, the final object appears as a watermark on the screen.  The student can still follow the steps (around 7) to draw each object.  Of course the app is more challenging when trace mode is off.  All of the tools (pencil, eraser, paint, etc.) needed for each step automatically appear on the screen.  But all tools also remain easily accessible throughout the steps.  The background ‘paper’ for each drawing can also be changed.

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Go Away, Big Green Monster!

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 8.50.49 PMThis is the app version of Ed Emberley’s book of the same title.  The big, green monster comes to life in a not-so-scary way.  The monster’s features appear as the book is read (see options below).  But the user also is able to touch and tap the features to make them become even more animated.

There are four options for the reading of this book:

  • Read Along with a Friend
  • Sing Along
  • Read Myself
  • Read Along with Ed Emberley

Despite this app actually being an animated book, I still recommend it as a fun way to infuse literacy with technology.

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Screen Shot 2013-11-23 at 3.27.58 PMThis app provides students with a way to explore the names of a variety of objects not only in English, but also in Spanish and French.  In each category, students can tap on an object that appears across the bottom of the screen.  The app will state its name in the language selected from the Settings menu (only one language can be selected at a time).  After tapping an object, students can drag it across the screen to begin a simple animated sequence.  The graphics are very visually-appealing and the voiceover is pleasant (and can be made as loud or soft – or even muted – as necessary).

The categories are:

  • Alphabet (with an example word for each letter)
  • Numbers (0 – 9)
  • Shapes
  • Colors
  • Animals
  • Fruit
  • Space
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The Branches

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 11.41.18 AMThis app serves as a companion to United States government and history texts and other resources that may be used in the classroom.  As its name suggests, it’s organized by the three branches of our government – legislative, executive, and judicial.  The main/home screen lists which article established each branch and gives basic information about it.  But after selecting a branch, even more information is available.  A search tool also appears on the main/home screen.


  • About This Branch
  • Functions
  • Who are speakers?
  • What are acts?
  • Timeline


  • About This Branch
  • Functions
  • Who are presidents?
  • What are documents?
  • Timeline


  • About This Branch
  • Functions
  • Who are justices?
  • What are cases?
  • Timeline
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Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 10.24.41 AMThis app reminds me of Khan Academy, but it only contains lessons from four mathematics courses – Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2.  Also, it is a lot more costly than Khan Academy – more on that below.

Students can either search for a lesson or choose one from the listed courses.  Each course contains between 9 – 13 chapters (read chapter titles below).  Each chapter has at least a dozen lessons/concepts.  Each lesson/concept provides an extensive opportunity to view examples, practice, be challenged, complete a self-test, and have access to worksheets and notes.  Many of the examples link to video clips that explain each concept.

Although this app is free to obtain, only the first five lessons completed are complimentary.  After that, courses can be purchased in-app for $9.99 each or all of them for a total of $39.99.  Proceed cautiously; the price of this app can quickly become steep.  Khan Academy may be a better fit for your situation.

Also, please note that a wifi connection (or 3G) is required to access the bulk of each lesson’s content.

Pre-Algebra Chapters

  1. Whole Numbers
  2. Integers
  3. Fractions
  4. Decimals
  5. Algebraic Thinking
  6. Ratio, Proportion, & Percent
  7. Geometry
  8. Measurement
  9. Probability & Statistics

Algebra 1 Chapters

  1. Simplifying
  2. Equations
  3. Word Problems
  4. Inequalities, Absolute Value, Functions, Graphing
  5. Linear Equations
  6. Systems of Equations
  7. Exponents & Polynomials
  8. Factoring
  9. Rational Expressions & Equations
  10. Radicals
  11. Quadratics
  12. Additional NCTM Concepts

Geometry Chapters

  1. Introduction
  2. Angle Pairs & Perpendicular Lines
  3. Parallel Lines & Polygons
  4. Triangles
  5. Quadrilaterals
  6. Similarity
  7. Right Triangles
  8. Circles
  9. Area
  10. Volume

Algebra 2 Chapters

  1. Simplifying
  2. Equations
  3. Word Problems
  4. Inequalities, Absolute Value, Functions, Graphing
  5. Linear Equations
  6. Systems of Equations
  7. Exponents & Polynomials
  8. Factoring
  9. Rational Expressions & Equations
  10. Radicals
  11. Quadratics
  12. Imaginary & Complex Numbers
  13. Quadratic Equations & Function



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