Locating Apps

Dozens of new apps are developed each week.  The process of vetting and selecting new apps for your mobile device(s) can be seen as never ending.  Thus, it’s important to utilize resources – such as this website and the apps featured below – to make the process of locating and uploading new apps more manageable.

App Shopper

App Shopper is a resource teachers (and parents) can use to see what apps in Apple’s App Store have been recently updated, added, and/or experienced a price change (usually a decrease).  You can search through the entire list or filter by price (free or paid), type (updates, newly added, or price change), and/or category (Education, Productivity, Books, etc.).

I check this app daily.  Updates available for your apps will automatically show up in the App Store app.  New apps generally are not of interest to me because they have not yet been reviewed.  However, being able to monitor price changes is beneficial because it allows you to snatch up apps that temporarily (usually for a day) have a price decrease.  Simply put, using App Shopper is the best way to search for apps when you’re on a budget!

App Advice

This paid app provides the same information as App Shopper, but also provides so much more!  It contains 9 sections that will help you decide new apps to obtain.

Click the icon to the left to read more information in the iTunes preview.