Naming Parts of the Body

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 1.16.28 PMThis app is designed to help young students learn names and locations of parts of the human body.


  • Parts of the Body: Head, arm, chest, leg, foot, ankle, knee, elbow, hand
  • Parts of the Face: Hair, eye, cheek, chin, neck, mouth, nose, ear, forehead
  • The Senses: Nose (smell), eye (sight), tongue (taste), fingers (touch), ears (hearing)
  • The Skeleton: Skull, backbone, ribs, pelvis
  • Inner Organs of the Body: Brain, heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, stomach

There are only two objectives for each of the five sections.  First, students drag pictures of body parts on the right side of the screen onto a picture of a human body on the left part of the screen.  The name of the body part is said aloud when it’s touched.  The body part will bounce back to the right side of the screen if it’s placed in an incorrect location.  Once all parts are properly placed, students have to then drag labels for each part from the right side of the screen to the picture of the body on the left side.  Again, the app reads each label aloud and incorrect placements will bounce back.

The app has a built-in reports feature where you can view the total number of correct and incorrect attempts for both the objects and labels.  It can easily be reset for a new user, but it’s not possible to save the data for retrieval after a reset has been done.

Other than muting the iPad’s sound entirely, there isn’t a way to prevent the app from reading aloud the body parts.  The voice sounds like a computerized older British woman; I wish a voice that was more appealing to younger learners was used.

Despite it’s title – Naming Parts of the Body – I want more from this app, especially at this price point.  I think there should be the ability to tap on each part and bring up more written information (similar to an encyclopedia entry) or even short video clips (of a real beating heart, for example).


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