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Ace Kids Math Games

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 9.53.43 PMThis app gives young children a chance to practice counting, adding, and subtracting.  They are able to visually count the items that appear along with a simple equation.  After tapping one of three answer choices, they receive feedback on their answer.  Each correct answer moves the child one step closer to completing that particular level.  Each level completed earns a prize.

Here are the rules as found in the ‘Setup’ star:

  1. Solve the math question
  2. Touch the correct star answer
  3. Complete levels to unlock secret prizes

The ‘Setup’ star also allows you to turn on/off the background music and sound effects.  You also have options to start on the level completed (rather than the first level).  You can also turn on/off the skills of counting, addition, and subtraction.  Turning on the Advanced option enables the equations to become more challenging.

The ‘Prizes’ star houses the prizes that were earned by completing each level.  Children can touch the prize toys to play with them.  They can also play the game on the page to unlock even more secret prizes.

A free version of this app also exists.


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123 Animals Counting

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 11.07.21 AMThis app was designed with only one objective in mind – to provide practice for a young student who is learning how to count.  A question appears on the bright and colorful screen, “How many animals do you see?”.  Three stars float along the bottom of the screen with answer choices.  After counting the animals, the student will select the star with the correct answer.  Feedback is given once an answer is chosen; however, the student does not have the opportunity to redo a question if an incorrect answer is given.  There isn’t a time limit during which to choose an answer.  If the student taps on each animal, s/he will see and hear the app counting each sequentially for them.

The Settings menu provides a few choices for customization.  However, none of the choices drastically impacts the activity.  You can turn on/off the Background Music, Sound Effects, and Voice Guidance.  You can also start from the beginning (Level 1) or at the level completed each time the app is opened.  It also has an ‘Advanced’ option where questions are more challenging.  However, I did not see a difference in the difficulty of questions when this option was turned on.

A prize – in the form of a virtual toy animal – is earned after each level is complete.  (Each level has 10 questions.)  In the Prizes section of the app, students are able to touch each earned toy animal and play with it by moving it across the screen.  I don’t think the ability to ‘play’ with the toy animals is something that would interest students for too long.

In general, I’m not a fan of apps that only address one skill.  At this price point, there are other apps that allow your student to practice counting and explore other mathematical tasks.  A free version does exist; check that out first to see if this app would make a good fit for your student.

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