The Oregon Trail: American Settler

What do you do when your child completes the journey found in the original Oregon Trail app?  Well, you obtain this free sequel!  No worries though, a tutorial is included for those that have yet to conquer the original Oregon Trail app.

The familiar family has settled on their new land on the wild frontier.  Students continue to go through the processes of harvesting crops and working on the farm.  Task completion earns money, lumber and other benefits, but each also spends precious energy.  The possibility of coming across medical ailments – such as dysentery (or Montezuma’s Revenge – yuck!) – still exists in this version!  Steer clear of the option for users to send their friends telegrams – it links to outside sites such as Facebook.

Unfortunately, this app will never be known for its educational value, despite the occasional encounters with various historical figures.  But, it is a great choice to have on mobile devices that children will have access to.  They can literally spend hours creating and personalizing their own frontier villages.  Creative minds and those with long attention spans will certainly find this to be one of their favorite apps.

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