Zorbit’s Math Adventure – Preschool

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 3.36.03 PMThis app presents children with six space-related story adventures centered around the character Zorbit.  For each, they’re required to tap and move objects according to the oral directions given.  Stickers for the sticker book are earned after the successful completion of certain components of each story adventure.

Story Adventures

  • Zorbit is Such a Sleepyhead – Wake up Zorbit for his trip to Planet Earth!
  • I Love Bubblegum – Help Zorbit get gumballs from his crazy gumball machine!
  • Oswald is So Hungry – Help look after Zippy’s pet – Oswald, by feeding him fruit!
  • Awesome Asteroids – Zorbit’s friend – Marty, loves to watch spaceships as they fly through the sky.  Help him count them all!
  • Welcome Cadet – Zorbit’s dad – Sargent Scrambler needs help repairing broken down spaceships.
  • Blastoff – It’s time to build Zorbit’s spaceship.  Choose some wings and paint the ship!

The game-like format of this app does sprinkle in several important early math skills for young children – primarily numeration and basic geometry.  While a young child will certainly enjoy the task of working through the six components, they will be done after that.  In other words, the six story adventures do not change with each interaction with the app.  Nevertheless, it will take a young child plenty of time to work through the six adventure stories.  They will enjoy laughing and learning along with Zorbit and his friends.

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